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    I want to kitesurf, but where, what and when?

    • The sport of kitesurfing depends on nature, mostly the wind. Our kitesurf school has several good locations, which makes it possible to kite under most wind conditions. The location of your lesson will be discussed before the lesson, each location has different plus points.
    • On each location the circumstances are different, and therefore we always keep the wind direction, strongness and wind-quality in mind.
    • Book your lesson(s) with your dates of choice, we then confirm whether that is possible. When all that is done, we plan the time of day. We are flexible with time and dates.
    • The evening before your lesson, we will contact you and update you with the latest weather forecasts. Depending on weather and wind, we will choose the best location and time for your lesson.
    • When the wind is too weak (less than 3bft) or too hard (more than 6bft) on the scheduled time/day, we will have to reschedule the lesson, safety first!
    • The kitesurf group-lessons by North Sea Kitesurf School are 3 hours. Every day is possible from sunrise to sunset.

    We usually handle the following starting times:

    1. Morning course start: 10:00
    2. Midday course start: 14:00
    3. Evening course start: 18:00/19:00 (depending on sunset)


    • Quality has priority when it comes to Kitesurfing Material¬†By North Sea Kitesurf School. We only use material that we would use on the water ourselves. That means you will always have the newest materials during your lesson(s).
    • Our wetsuits are 5.4 mm thick. Suits which will keep you nice and warm in the water.
    • All lessons and courses include material; Kite, board, bar, wetsuit, impact-vest and shoes and gloves when needed.
      However, please bring your own towel. Something to drink and to eat always is nice after hours of workout!
    • ps. The most comfortable is a tight pair of swimming pants or bikini/swimsuit

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